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CODE Student Accommodation

40-46 Western Rd, Leicester

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  • Shelby D
    Shelby D 2 months ago The best place I lived in while I was at university. I only wish I had stayed there for all three years. It was an amazing environment to live it and made focusing on my studies so much easier. I loved the cafe onsite as everyone was so friendly and welcoming and the food was great. I did wish the gym was open 24/7 though, rather than closing 12-6am. My flat was the best though, there was literally nothing else I needed in there as a student. And the maintenance team is epic and super fast. I'd recommend anyone looking for accommodation to consider CODE!
  • David Cottington
    David Cottington 6 months ago Had a great time living at Code. Definitely worth the extra money for comfortable surroundings and the facilities they offer. I'm a mature student and found it great for a more chilled, private lifestyle but there was also a lot of events and things going on for people who want to get involved. Staff could never do enough the few times I had problems and had to go into the office. I'm moving cities or would of signed up to Code for the full three years. Don't have a bad word to say! Thank you.
  • Prince Nyarko
    Prince Nyarko last month Living in code is an exceptional experience with its peaceful environment which is why I'm living year again for my second year. The staff are great and friendly and always there when you need them
  • Molly Owens
    Molly Owens 4 days ago Great room, as advertised. Service provided is above and beyond. Only downside is that the gym lacks weight training facilities.
  • Bobby Singh
    Bobby Singh last month Living in code is an exceptional experience, It's an experience unlike any other. Having lived in Oadby student village, private housing, both of those experiences were the complete opposites, whilst the University of Leicester halls was excellent in providing great social vibes and events to better help make friends and the rooms were generous and modern, compared to how awful sharing a house and dealing with unfair an unfair letting agency, code offers a dream come true of an alternative. Code is undeniably the best student living experience I have had in my three years, and I have immediately after 10 weeks re-applied to live in my same room because my love for code can not be understated. Code offers facilities and constant opportunities to mingle and make friends, offering free pizza, music, drinks and snacks, to really engage with your neighbours who may be shy or you may not be ready or sure to open up and get to know, they're fantastic ice-breakers. The facilities like the gym are state of the art, and the cleanliness of code is fantastic. Treatment of my room is like my home, that's how much I love living here, so hoovering mopping and having these facilities also is just fantastic. Not to mention how helpful and friendly the reception staff are with all my enquiries. Code also offers beautiful living environments, the rooms are spacious, reasonably priced for the luxury and environment you get to socialise and study effectively in, in all honesty, there is no other place quite like Code student accommodation and it's an exceptional place to live, it's not student accommodation, it's also what I would consider a home.
  • sophie kinch
    sophie kinch 3 years ago I started living at code in September 2013 this year. After living in student halls last year CODE has been 10 times better not only can you hold predrinks in the large common rooms with xbox's,wii's and free wifi making your evening even more fun; if you have any trouble with people being too loud the security team rapidly respond to complaints efficiently meaning that you can get your beauty sleep ready for your dreaded 9am! My second favorite thing about Code is the GYM & Fitness classes available. Im a gym addict and the fact that its open daily 6am - 11pm makes it highly accessible and there is always something that you can use to work up a sweat! After trying all classes my favorite would have to be circuits on a Wednesday evening but zumba & Yoga are all awesome too at only ?4 per session you totally get your moneys worth. Overall if you love to party,study hard (at times) and look good code is definitely the place for you and very close to DMU making your 9ams a little easier to make. xx
  • Adewole Agbaje
    Adewole Agbaje 3 years ago Code is such a great place to live. You have your own kitchen, double bed, bathroom and TV for a reasonable price. The Accommodation itself is very spacious and as a modern interior. There are two big common rooms with foosball, plasmas tv, table tennis and etc. The staff are also very friendly and are always willing to help. I would completely recommend code.
  • laura godfrey
    laura godfrey 3 years ago CODE is a great place to live, I am never going to want to leave. I have already signed up for next year, all the staff are so lovely and friendly, it has a lovely community feel. Would recommend CODE to everyone!
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