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CODE Student Accommodation

40-46 Western Rd, Leicester

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  • Animal Antics
    Animal Antics 2 weeks ago Excellent secure student accommodation! Everywhere is kept clean and tidy (public areas: cafe, gym, grounds etc ) Maintenance is extremely good service, should you need it. Rooms are modern, comfortable and very well equipped. Brilliant views over Bede park and city skyline.
  • Gee Streeter
    Gee Streeter 2 months ago As a parent - I love CODE. They have been brilliant from the first day we walked through the doors. My daughter can't wait to go to uni and live in CODE. EVERYONE is so helpful and the studios are amazing, with so many facilities. My daughter never thought she would be able to live anywhere half as nice while at uni.
  • Muna Ali
    Muna Ali 2 months ago My 5 stars goes directly to the staff in the Code Office who are always so amazingly helpful and happy. They attempt to go above and beyond to assist you with any queries. The accommodation itself is quite nice and i guess satisfied with everything else.
  • Elliot Izzard
    Elliot Izzard 2 months ago 7th Floor Room with City View Overall, a solid 7/10 Pros: - staff - location - security - beds - parcel service Cons: - room temperature - noise I lived in C0DE for two years in total. My experience had its ups and downs but all things considered it was a positive one. In the end I left due to it becoming a financial burden. It is easy to walk to town and uni from C0DE. The staff at C0DE are very approachable should any issues arise. They work long hours so you can usually contact a member of staff quickly. There is also a strong police presence with sniffer dogs (personally, I think this is invasive but it is at the landlord's discretion). The rooms have some design flaws. They are insulated but offer limited ventilation, this means they can get ridiculously hot in spring/summer. However, they are warm in winter. The beds are great. Bathrooms are lovely. Kitchens aren't ideal size wise but they work well enough. Basically, you get what you see. AVOID rooms with adjoining doors. I had a noisy neighbour who I would often get woken up by. There is no insulation between the rooms and telling them to be quiet doesn't solve the issue. I asked for noise insulation multiple times (which I offered to pay for) and C0DE staff were unhelpful in this one instance. To consider: - take photos of your room and file them with staff when you move in, to ensure the safety of your deposit - living by yourself can be lonely (I experienced this in 2nd year). It can also be great to have a space which is largely in your control (in terms of cleanliness, privacy etc). - don't bring too much stuff if you don't like mess. - any more than one guest in your room can be crowded (there are social areas however). Conclusion: A great place to live, its shortcomings are mostly outweighed by its positives.
  • sophie kinch
    sophie kinch 3 years ago I started living at code in September 2013 this year. After living in student halls last year CODE has been 10 times better not only can you hold predrinks in the large common rooms with xbox's,wii's and free wifi making your evening even more fun; if you have any trouble with people being too loud the security team rapidly respond to complaints efficiently meaning that you can get your beauty sleep ready for your dreaded 9am! My second favorite thing about Code is the GYM & Fitness classes available. Im a gym addict and the fact that its open daily 6am - 11pm makes it highly accessible and there is always something that you can use to work up a sweat! After trying all classes my favorite would have to be circuits on a Wednesday evening but zumba & Yoga are all awesome too at only ?4 per session you totally get your moneys worth. Overall if you love to party,study hard (at times) and look good code is definitely the place for you and very close to DMU making your 9ams a little easier to make. xx
  • Adewole Agbaje
    Adewole Agbaje 3 years ago Code is such a great place to live. You have your own kitchen, double bed, bathroom and TV for a reasonable price. The Accommodation itself is very spacious and as a modern interior. There are two big common rooms with foosball, plasmas tv, table tennis and etc. The staff are also very friendly and are always willing to help. I would completely recommend code.
  • laura godfrey
    laura godfrey 3 years ago CODE is a great place to live, I am never going to want to leave. I have already signed up for next year, all the staff are so lovely and friendly, it has a lovely community feel. Would recommend CODE to everyone!
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