You've probably got some pretty important, and expensive, stuff in your university room.  But it’s easy to forget to make sure all of your belongings are insured.

But should something happen to your most important possessions, you'll likely want them replaced - and fast. 

Not to worry – at CODE we’ve got you covered. We include contents insurance – currently via Endsleigh - for all students that live with us at no cost to you.

Key valuables protected

Laptops, tablets and other important gadgets are all protected as standard on this policy.

You'll be protected against fire, flood and theft of belongings within the accommodation.

Plus the policy is fully designed for students and includes low excess rates.

Once you have booked, we'll tell you nearer to your move in date how to confirm your cover. 

Exact Cover

We'll publish details of our 21/22 policy nearer to when you move in.

So making sure you take steps to prevent accidents, loss and damage means that you could be covered for the following amounts (based on key items covered in our 2020/21 policy):

 2020/21 Cover Limit
Total student room contents cover £6,000
Disabled students room contents cover £7,000
Single article limit (unless outlined separately) £1,250
Computer equipment (eg. desktops, laptops, tablets) £2,000
Computer accessories £150
Mobile phone (forced entry only) £750

Audio equipment, DVD & video players, computer consoles,

hard drives and other data carrying media

Computer games, CDs, DVDs, videos & records£600
Photographic equipment£1,000
University property on loan£500
Clothing (single article limit)£350
Valuables including jewellery & watches£600