Contract choices


Here at CODE we try to keep things simple, which is why we offer "Inclusive" contracts, which means all bills are included!

But we know, some students like to try and save money, so we also give you an "Exclusive" option. If you select this type of contract, your electricity is billed as you go, with bills sent to you monthly. 

You'll be asked which type of contract you want as part of the booking process, so consider what's best for you. Most of our students go for the 'Inclusive' option because it's so much easier to budget.

What bills are included in your rent?

If you choose the 'inclusive' option, all your bills are covered - water, electric and wifi.

If you choose the 'exclusive' option, your rent covers the cost of water and wifi - and you'll be billed for your electric separately each month.

Our rooms don't have any gas (your oven, hob and water heater are electric) so there's no need to worry about that.

You also don't need to do anything to set it up. We deal with utility suppliers on your behalf. We also monitor your electric use via our meters and will provide you with regular updates.

Contract lengths

At CODE you can choose between a 48 -week or 51-week contract. 

Our 51-week contract is popular with international students who want to stay in the UK for the whole year – even when they do not have university classes. 

We don't offer shorter contracts but because our accommodation is so affordable, your total cost can still work out cheaper than living elsewhere with a shorter contract.

Option to renew your room

If you are studying for more than one year, you can also stay in the same room! We'll give you first choice to renew your contract. 

What's better, if you renew, there's no need to move out over the Summer or find storage space for your belongings. Just keep hold of your keys and use the room for free during those extra weeks.

Payment options

We offer three ways to pay.

  • 4 instalments: If you know someone who is a UK homeowner and is willing to be your Guarantor, you can pay your rent in 4 easy instalments. 
    If you are on a 4 instalment plan you payment dates will be 24th July, 24th October, 24th January, 24th April.
  • 2 instalments: If you do not have a Guarantor, we will split your payments into 2.  
    For a 2 instalment plan your payment dates are  24th July and 24th October. 
    This is open to all residents, but is a popular choice with EU or International students.
  • Pay in full: If you would like to pay your rent in one lump sum, that is not a problem.

The easiest way to pay is via your student portal (which is set up once you have made a booking) but we also accept payment by most leading debit/credit cards. If you prefer to pay via a bank transfer, we can also arrange this but note, your bank may charge for this service.