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CODE Personal Belongings Care

On a rare occasion, a tenant’s room could be affected by fire, flood or theft, which may cause damage to personal items. 

CODE Student Accommodation will try to compensate tenants for items which are damaged in these instances, by providing Personal Belongings Care

How to claim

If a tenant experiences loss or damage to their personal items through fire, flood or theft, they can submit a request through the Personal Belongings Care Form. 

You will be asked to provide the details of the incident that resulted in damage/loss of your items, and the make/model of the items that have been affected. 

Each request will be reviewed on an individual basis by our Senior Management Team. CODE will aim to resolve all requests within 14 working days.

Where a replacement item has been awarded to the tenant, CODE will aim to replace like-for-like wherever possible. In the instance the same product is no longer available to purchase, CODE will replace with a similar item of the same value to the purchase price, or cash to the value of the purchase price.

What's included

Here is the breakdown for our 23/24 policy. We will confirm our 24/25 policy later in the year

Room CoverLimitRoom CoverLimit
Total student room contents cover£6,000Disable student room contents cover£7,000
Single article limit (unless outlined separately)£1,250Computer equipment 
(e.g. desktops, laptops and tablets)
Computer accessories£150Mobile phone (forced entry only)£750
Audio equipment, DVD & video players
Computer consoles, hard drives and other data carrying media
£1,000Computer games, CDs, DVDs, videos & records£600
Photographic equipment £1,000Sports equipment£1,000
Musical instruments£600Clothing (single article limit)£350
Valuables including jewellery & watches£600Personal money (forced entry only)£50
Credit/debit card fraud (forced entry only)£500University property on loan£500
Library books£250Rented household goods£1,250
Contact lenses£150  

Key exclusions –what’s not covered:

  • Accidental damage
  • Musical instruments outside the room
  • Laptops/other gadgets outside the room
  • Bicycles unless in secure cycle room provided by CODE, and locked with a D-lock
  • Mobile phones outside the room
  • Any other items taken outside the room
  • Theft of items which are not secured or locked away