Maintenance cover

We have high standards at CODE, but occasionally things break or go wrong. 

That’s why we have our own maintenance team on hand to fix any issues you may experience. 

When you become a student with us, you'll have a student portal where you can report any issues.

"Simon knocked on the door he was very polite and fixed the problem very quickly without mess, hassle or noise. Really great service!" - Shubhanghi, tenant at CODE Coventry

"Sam came in to fix my smoke alarm device that needed to have its batteries changed and was very friendly and polite. I had complained to the main office that morning regarding the loud noise the device was making, and not even an hour later, Sam was here to fix it. He was very proactive, fixed it in no time, and made me look at the maintenance team from Code in a positive light." - Maria, tenant at CODE Coventry


We have a 48 hour turn around for non-urgent issues but always aim to attend as quickly as we can.

Students can check on the progress of the maintenance job via their student portal.

Although we try our best to complete your repair as quickly as possible, sometimes we need to order parts or the repair may need a specialist tool. If this is the case, we contact residents to explain.