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Social Events at CODE Fairfax Street

Enjoy weekly activities for free!

Welcome Party 2023 | CODE Fairfax Street

Our students loved every moment of our FREE Wild West Welcome Party.

We know it’s important to relax and take time off. Which is why we run a variety of free weekly socials events.

These can range from fun social events such as bingo, quiz nights to freebie giveaways such as fresh fruit, study packs or pamper goodies.

We also celebrate key dates, such as Valentine's Day, Lunar New Year and University Mental Health Day.

I love the way CODE does giveaways even the Wednesday freebies as it’s made my time In uni a whole lot better" - Shweta, tenant at CODE Coventry

We let our students know the upcoming events on our social media accounts, via posters and digital screens around our sites and on email.

Tenants and guests enjoy events for free!

The best bit about our events is that no matter what the size or scale, everything is free for our tenants. Most events you will also be able to bring along a guest or guests - they don't have to live at CODE. It's just one of the perks if you book a room at CODE Student Accommodation.

Past events

Here's our favourite events since term started in September 2023:

Autumn Term






Winter Term
This year's Wild West Welcome party was a huge hit with all of our students staying with us, riding on Bucking Bulls to learning how to line dance.We held an evening celebration for Diwali, where students decorated their own pedas to creating art in henna.
We invited local police officers and services to our Safety & Snacks event where students learnt more about how to stay safe at CODE Fairfax Street and CODE Harper Road.Students got the chance to win in our WIN BIG Bingo event. Prizes included trainers worth £120 and free laundry for a year!
Our students dressed up and took part in our Spooky Spectacular event on Halloween this year, playing games and treating themselves to sweets.We raised £5,932.50 at our Charity Clothes Sale event, where students had the opportunity to buy new, pre-loved and vintage clothes.

"Thank you for all you do as a team! I love that you take care of our wellbeing by doing the social activities online fitness sessions, in person with grab and go and support group." - Hana, tenant at CODE Coventry