The CODE Gym

Here at CODE, we have top-of-the-range facilities including an on-site gym, fitness classes, and a dance studio – all of which you can use for free.

State-of-the-art equipment | Free to use

We know that a healthy body equals a healthy mind, which is why we offer the use of our advanced gym - free to all our residents.

The air-conditioned CODE gym is open daily from 7am – 10pm and includes 100 pieces of equipment, including cardio and resistance machines, as well as free weights.

What's included


It’s kitted out with high-tech, Techno Gym machines, with cardio options, treadmills, bicycles, rowers, stair masters, and cross trainers.

We have a range of strength and conditioning equipment - including stackable boxes, ideal for doing box and squat jumps.

If you want to focus on resistance training we have:

  • free weights, with dumbells up to 22kg
  • kettlebells, ranging from 4kg to 24kg
  • resistance machines which include 'lat pull down', 'pec deck', 'leg extension', 'leg press', and 'hamstring curl'
  • a multi-functional rack with a range of attachments, including punch bag, rings, and pull-up bars
  • a power rack for bench presses and squats

We’ll offer you a quick and easy gym induction at the start of the term so you can learn how everything works.

Dance/fitness studios

Our 2 dance/fitness studios each have a great large floor area, perfect when you need a little more space. Your society can hire the rooms free of charge to practice and residents can also book for free – even if they don’t want to use them for fitness or dance. They are also home to our fitness classes.

Free weekly fitness classes

Our weekly classes are all led by professional fitness instructors and they provide a great opportunity to meet other residents at CODE. Sessions are suitable for all abilities and are designed to be fun, as well as increase fitness levels. Sessions change each term based on the feedback of residents.

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciated yoga, it helped me in many ways and was usually the highlight of my day too. Lily is a blessing, and such an amazing woman to be around. " Zainab, resident at CODE Coventry.