Study Rooms

We offer some great private study spaces at Leicester.

These purpose-designed rooms are a great way to get out of your room, while still retaining a bit of peace and quiet.

You can plug in your laptop to study alone, or gather with friends to work on that group project.

Benefits of our study rooms

  • Exclusive use. 
    You will be the only person/group with use of that room, meaning you're not put off by people passing through or other distractions.
  • Spacious work area. 
    Our study rooms feature extra large tables, so you can spread out and have easy access to everything you need before you start.
  • Bright lighting. 
    Our automatic lights mean you can get bright environment perfect for studying in.
  • Temperature controls
    Our radiators can by adjusted to make your study space the ideal temperature.
  • Saving on your Energy Bills.

These rooms are the perfect environment to study in with radiators and automatic lighting.