Social events

At CODE, we want to make sure you have the chance to get together with your friends or mix with other residents. That’s why have a social calendar we think is second to none!

We've had to tweak our plans, but we're still holding weekly socials events – either online or in person depending on the current Covid restrictions.

Keep an eye out on our social media accounts for updates and images of all of our events. We also update the Leicester events calendar regularly, so keep popping back to see the type of things you could enjoy if you lived at CODE.

Favourite past events

The Autumn 2020 term has been a little different but we've still managed to host some great events. Here's our favourites:

  • Our very Big Fruit & Veg giveaway was very popular with our students, and we loved meeting and sharing wellness tips with all of the students we spoke to on the day!
  • Things got spooky for Halloween... but it was more of a case of Treat or Treat with our sweet goodie bags and free hot chocolate giveaway
  • We don't do things by half... which is why you'll often see our team dressing up when we run our free food sampling events. The Mexican event was definitely our favourite!

Future plans

We’re hoping that when Coronavirus has been defeated, we may be able to get back to some of our epic parties – but until then we’ll keep pulling together Covid-safe events. 

The diary changes each term but before we’ve hosted evenings based on mug decorating, karaoke, crepe making and adult colouring!

We also love for our students to suggest their own themes and ideas. So if you have any ideas, just drop us an email at

Here are examples of the type of events we will hold once Covid restrictions are no longer in place:

Free weekly events

We have an action-packed programme of free weekly events in term time. That's right! These events are completely free and include complimentary drinks and snacks/food.

Movie nights

We're lucky enough to have our own cinema which means we can host our own movie nights. These movie nights are normally based around a theme, so residents can get dressed up or try their hand at theme-based activities.

'Life hack' activities to help you

We love to host one-off activities, such as “how to clean your bathroom / kitchen”, where one lucky person gets their room cleaned for free. 

Or CV and employment fairs, where we help to provide vital contacts, information and interview practice for our residents.

We always try to do this in a fun but informative way.