Social events

At CODE, we want to make sure you have the chance to get together with your friends or mix with other residents. That’s why we work with students to create an impressive social calendar!

"I really love how you constantly do things like this and offer support groups, freebies, quizzes and everything!"  - Joanna, tenant at CODE Leicester

"Fleur was extremely friendly and helpful throughout the career event, and I was able to get some great advice for my upcoming interview." - Jess, tenant at CODE Leicester

Our Social events calendar

We offer fitness classes, 'Grab n Go' events where students can collect free food and drink, quiz nights, sip and paint activities, bingo and more throughout the year.

We love for our students to suggest their themes and ideas, so if you have any ideas, just drop us an email at

"I really appreciate all the little things CODE does such as the freebies on Thursday, and giving out packages for special occasions like Chinese New Year." - Avneet, tenant at CODE Leicester

Favourite past events

  • Our tenant's Marvel trivia and Star Wars knowledge has been tested with our themed quizzes... with great prizes including multiple £50 Amazon vouchers!
  • Our Grab n Go events have been a huge hit, with something different given away every week, from popcorn to revision supplies, to fruit & veg.
  • We've celebrated well-known holidays like Chinese New Year, St Patrick's Day, Easter and Halloween!
  • We gave students the chance to land their dream job by getting personalised advice from recruitment experts at our Career Advice Day.
  • We love competitions, we've run everything from photo entry competitions (with a prize worth £250) to winning a bunch of flowers for your mum on Mother's Day!