Free superfast broadband

Up to 200 mb/s internet speed. With 24/7 tech support

We believe that offering a fast and reliable internet service to our residents is essential and that’s why we offer superfast broadband via our internet service provider Ask 4. 

You'll be able to connect your smart devices in a private and secure way - just like you do at home. 

What exactly is included?

  • We give you a dedicated fibre optic connection to your room with wired speeds of up to 200 mb/s.
  • Your room will also come with a super-fast unlimited wireless internet package of up to 100 mb/s.
  • Ask4 have an award-winning, multi-lingual technical support helpdesk available 24/7.
  • Ask4 allow you to connect up to 6 devices for free but they also offer additional packages if you have more requirements.
  • Site-wide wireless coverage, including wifi in our shared indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Expert installation to ensure optimal performance and minimum channel interference.

Unlimited download limit

There are no monthly usage limits with our broadband, so you can stream, browse and download to your heart's content.

  • No limit on downloads
  • No extra usage charges

Secure connections

ASK4 uses an award-winning network system called 4Network, which means you can connect in a private and secure way via CODE's wifi - just like you can at home.

Your neighbours can't see what you are doing and you can't connect to each other's devices over WiFi, stopping obvious privacy and security risks.

Plus, with 4Network, this secure connection works wherever you are in the building (it is not restricted to your room or being close to one particular ‘router’), this includes any wired or wireless enabled device.

During peak hours (8pm - 10pm), the average speed at Coventry is 216Mb/s. As our students have 24/7 support from Ask4, we encourage them to run speed tests and report any issues if they feel their broadband is not reaching these speeds.