Looking after your well-being

Should you ever feel you are becoming stressed, isolated, homesick or if you just need someone to chat to, we are here. 

Our staff have received expert training from MIND and are on hand to help you should the need arise.

 Plus, we have made it our mission to make sure we are protecting our students' physical and mental well-being in these unprecedent times. We've moved our social and fitness activities online and put in place a new series of welfare events, such as meditation sessions and support groups.

All of these activities are free and included in the price of your rent if you book with CODE.


When lockdown began in March 2020, we knew that the impact on the physical and well-being of our students could be immense if we did not put the right measures in place.

So we immediately turned our efforts into maintaining the well-being of everyone, and have continued this since. This has included:

  • providing a shopping service for self-isolating and vulnerable students
  • dropping postcards through our residents doors to check they were okay
  • a gift delivery service, making safe drop offs. These fun items, such as Easter eggs, art kits, games, food and drink, were a great way to  boost morale.

There was an overwhelming response from our students, with many of them telling us we made a significant difference to their mental health.

“The weekly emails to check up on residents are very good. Also, the staff leave wonderful notes and snacks at your door which certainly boosts your spirits. They have also moved to stream workouts and yoga on Facebook lives."

"The staff make trips to people's rooms and provide small gifts and leaflets saying they are their for us, with information about help!"

Our efforts were also highlighted in the Global Student Living webinar “Student Accommodation through Lockdown”. The insight company had looked at thousands of students’ responses to the National Student Housing Survey and highlighted our care during the pandemic as making a real difference to students.


Led by Buddhists, our special meditation classes are available to all CODE residents. The classes have been specifically built for CODE to target any potential stresses such as leaving home, feeling lonely, feeling overwhelmed and feeling uncertain.


We wanted to support our students during the pandemic and have been using group classes to encourage positive wellbeing during a national lockdown.

A qualified psychotherapist has been hosting the support group once a week for CODE Students.

They are not formal counselling sessions but more a chance to talk through feelings. All residents have been given the chance to come along, listen to others and get some tips and support. We also paid for 1-2-1 sessions, where students needed a little bit of extra help.


We operate regular well-being checks for those that are finding things difficult, sometimes that's a daily call and others a weekly email. We also work with the university mental health teams on a number of individual cases, helping to ensure the safety and well-being of those with greater needs.