Special Offers

Learn about our latest special offers:

  • Fresher's Promise
  • Refer a Friend
  • Free gym use before you move in

Current offers

There are already plenty of reasons to choose CODE. 

But our special offiers add an extra incentive if you're thinking of booking with us.



Our Fresher's Promise means that all money you have paid for your contract will be fully refundable if you do not meet the conditions of your University Offer (for example you do not get the grades needed) and you no longer have a place*. 

This applies to undergraduate degrees (including Top-up degrees) and Postgraduate/Masters degrees.

All we ask is that you email the relevant communication from your University before Friday 23rd August 2024..

*Please note:

  • You must already have a confirmed offer from your university (and have accepted this offer as your first choice, sometime referred to as your "Firm" choice) when you book for the Fresher's Promise to apply.
  • If your place has been withdrawn as a result of any breach of the university’s Code of Conduct regarding behaviour – or as a result of a potential or actual breach of the conditions contained within the tenancy agreement – this offer will not apply.


Have you thought how nice it would be to be living close by to your friend? If yes, we are offering you a very special “refer a friend” offer. 

If you know someone who lives at CODE, use their full name and room number when booking and both receive £100! 

How it works

  1. You can check available rooms on our website. 
  2. Make sure you know your friend’s full name and room number for when you book a room with us. You can mention them when booking in person, through chat or phone or include it in the ‘special requests’ section on the website.
  3. Once you have completed your booking we will confirm your £100 credit to yourself and your friend.

To complete your booking and receive the £100 credit, you will need to have paid your holding deposit and signed your tenancy agreement. If you want to pay in four instalments or monthly, your guarantor must have also completed their documentation. 

*The offer only applies to new bookings and where the above steps have been followed. 


If you book a room for September 2024 (and have a payment option with a guarantor) you can use our CODE gym for free before you move in!

Plus, the gym is free to use for all residents once you move in.

All you need to do is complete your booking and then call into our CODE Office. Our helpful staff will give you a fob which you can use to gain access to the entrance and gym.

1) You must have booked a room for 2024/25 and paid your holding deposit to qualify.

2) Only students who have a Guarantor are eligible for this offer.

3) Your booking must be complete i.e. your one week’s holding deposit has been paid and paperwork, including the Guarantor Agreement, has been completed.

4) If you cancel your booking, you will be asked to return your fob to the CODE office, either in person or by recorded post.

5) If you lose your fob, you must notify us immediately. Lost fobs will be charged at our standard rate of £20.

6) By receiving your fob, you agree to use the CODE gym respectfully and take full responsibility for any damages that may occur due to misuse. CODE will be reimbursed the total cost of repairing any damages caused by misuse.


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