Transport to the University of Warwick

Transport to University of Warwick

Located next to Pool Meadow Bus Station, CODE is ideal for University of Warwick Students

Buses leave for University of Warwick every 7 minutes

CODE Coventry is perfectly located for University of Warwick students with a direct bus running every 7 minutes, taking you to Uni of Warwick campus in just 17 minutes! 

Pool Meadow Bus Station is only seconds away from CODE making it the perfect Warwick University accommodation. You can roll out of bed and straight onto a bus that takes you directly to campus. 

This what our current Warwick students say about our location and transport to Warwick campus: 

“CODE's stunning location to the bus stop makes me never worried about being late to school.” 

“Taking the bus to campus can give me more time to space out and relax.” 

Getting to the University of Warwick from our locations

 CODE Fairfax StreetCODE Harper Road
AddressFairfax Street,
CV1 5GA 
60 Harper Road, 
What's on offer1206 studio flats with their own kitchen and bathroom
  • En-suite rooms with their own bathroom, and shared kitchen/lounge facilities
  • BRAND NEW Luxury studio flats now available to book for September 2024. All come with their own kitchen and bathroom!
Travelling to the University of Warwick

There is a bus stop outside our student accommodation and the 'National Express 12X' service goes directly from CODE Fairfax Street to the University of Warwick campus. Look at the bus timetable for full details. 

The journey takes around 17 minutes in normal traffic and buses leave every 10 mins. 

Our building is located next door to Coventry’s main Pool Meadow Bus Station, where you could also get the '11' or '14' to University of Warwick campus. 

Because we are the first stop, you will always get a seat in the mornings!

The nearest bus stop for the University of Warwick is around a 10 minute walk from our Harper Road student accommodation. 

The 12X National Express service from Gosford St (Stop CU3) goes directly to the University of Warwick campus. Please take a look at the bus timetable for full details (press the "see all stops" button) 

The journey will take you around 30 minutes in normal traffic and buses leave from the stop every 20 minutes.

Student Blog

Olubanke talks about the convenience and quality of CODE

This time last year, I was living in Leamington, with unreliable buses, with people I wasn't friends with, and travelling to Coventry about 3 times a week. It was definitely not the ideal situation and I'd only moved there because I was under the false impression that all my friends would be moving there too. 

After thinking it through, I decided that for the next academic year I would live alone in Coventry. So then began my search for a studio in Coventry. My main criteria were being:

  • near the beginning of the bus route
  • near the city centre where I often attend salsa classes and where my church is located,
  • living somewhere well-priced with great facilities.

CODE ticked all these boxes for me. The building is practically right next to the bus station making my journey approximately 2-3 minutes from my room on the 5th floor (bearing in mind I always take the stairs) to the 12X which only takes about 15-20 minutes to get straight to campus. And trust me this has been tried and tested many times, as I often struggle to leave my room more than 5 mins before the bus! However, the bus runs every 10 minutes on weekdays so the wait is never long. 

Most of the restaurants and shops in Coventry centre are only a 5-10 minute walk making it easy for me to walk back from my salsa classes and evening church events. I never have to walk more than 15 minutes back and there's plenty of buses back to Pool Meadow if I didn't want to walk alone at night.

CODE was the most affordable studio accommodation I could find and boasts many amazing facilities included in rent. There's a :

  • communal kitchen for hosting which I plan to use to host my friends for a potluck celebration post exams.
  • cinema room and plenty of study spaces
  • state of the art gym, and let me tell you as someone who doesn't like the idea of paying for the gym, this is a win-win situation for me. 

    However, something that always convinces my friends to come visit me is the pool table, foosball, and table tennis that you can play in the communal area.

    But my favourite facility to use, as a salsera, are the dance studios. They are a great place for me to practice by myself or I can even book a studio if some other members of the salsa society want a place to practice together.

I didn't know anyone else living in CODE when I booked it but there are various social events that take place where you can meet people from Chinese new year celebrations to a Barbie movie night, to a Wild West Welcome Party at the beginning of the year, making it super easy to make new friends in the accommodation.

So far I have thoroughly enjoyed my time living at CODE and am excited to live here again next year.