Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing to stay with CODE Students. Before completing your booking please make sure that you read through our terms and conditions of renting with us and tick to state that you have read and agree to all of the following.

CODE Students


We are CODE Students, operating under the registered name of Code Students Ltd

Our registered address is 40-46 Western Road, Leicester, LE3 0GH.

Our Company registration number is 10148027.

Payments will be collected by Code Rents Ltd (Company Number 10183402) on behalf of Code Students Ltd (Company Number 10148027).

CODE Students subscribe to the following code of conduct, which may be accessed at the National Code of Standards http://www.nationalcode.org/


To reserve a CODE flat in your name for the next full academic year we will require a refundable holding deposit of one week’s rent. This will then go towards the first rent installment. The room is then booked for you in accordance with the Booking Summary provided.

We will then allocate you a specific room and a payment schedule. 

We offer three payment schedules:.

  • 4 installments: If you know someone who is a homeowner in England (including the Isle of Wight or the Isle of Man), Wales, or the Channel Islands and is willing to be your Guarantor, you can pay your rent in 4 easy installments. 
    If you are on a 4 installment plan, your payment dates for 24/25 bookings will be 24th July 2024, 24th October 2024, 24th January 2025, and 24th April 2025.
  • 2 installmentsIf you do not have a Guarantor, we will split your payments into 2.  For a 2-installment plan, your payment dates are  24th July 2024 and 24th October 2024. This is open to all residents but is a popular choice with EU or International students.
  • Pay in full: If you would like to pay your rent in one amount when you book, that is not a problem.

You can view a draft copy of the tenancy agreement before we take the holding deposit. This copy will clearly be stated as a draft:

CODE Leicester/ CODE Fairfax Street, Coventry

2023/24 Draft Tenancy Agreement - see later section on 'late availability' rooms.

CODE Harper Road, Coventry

2023/24 Draft Tenancy Agreement

In addition to your rent, a £400 refundable tenancy deposit will be payable on 24th April 2024. If you book after this date, you will need to pay your £400 refundable tenancy deposit within 7 days of your booking, or your room will be at risk of being canceled.

The £400 refundable tenancy deposit will be returned to you at the end of your tenancy providing there is no outstanding charges against your room. This includes payment for any damage that has not been noted on your inventory when you moved in. Any deductions to deposits are made in line with the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme, outlined further in Deposits, Section 3.

The details of your room and payment schedule will also be contained in the CODE online Student Portal which you will be able to access via an email link containing your login and password. You are required to complete your personal details including that of your Guarantor (where applicable) and accept the Tenancy Agreement within 7 days to secure the specific room allocated. 

We will hold the deposit for a period of SEVEN DAYS from the date of booking.  This is to enable you to accept the offer of a tenancy.  If you cancel the booking in writing before the expiry of this period your deposit will be returned. However, if you cancel outside of the seven day period your deposit will be retained. Please see our cancellation policy.

Failure to accept the Tenancy Agreement, provide further Guarantor information, or documentation in the timescales set out may result in you losing your allocated room. This may lead to CODE canceling your booking. CODE will also keep your refundable holding deposit. This stands whether or not you notify us of your decision to withdraw. 

In keeping some or all of the refundable holding deposit at any stage of the process, we will take into account how long the property was removed from the market and held for the individual, leading to potential lost bookings. We will also calculate staff costs, including but not limited to, administrative tasks such as issuing contracts and chasing for acceptance. We will also calculate costs associated with (re)marketing this room.

By accepting the tenancy agreement, you are consenting that the refund of the holding deposit is put towards your first rent installment i.e. we will deduct one week’s rent from your first rent instalment.

If you use our ‘waitlist booking’ system, we will take your credit/debit card details but your card will only be charged if a room becomes available within 30 days. At this point, we will take one week’s rent as a refundable holding deposit to book your room. If within 30 days there is no room available, your waitlist booking will be automatically canceled.

If you wish to rent a 'late availability' room (sometimes referred to as a 'takeover' contract) and start your contract part way through the current academic year, we will require a refundable holding deposit of one week’s rent if you book on the website. The holding deposit guarantees your room as long as further payments are made within 24 hours according to the booking schedule. 

We offer two payment schedules for 'late availability' rooms.

  • If you know someone who is a homeowner in England (including the Isle of Wight or the Isle of Man), Wales, or the Channel Islands and is willing to be your Guarantor, you can pay your rent in easy installments. Payment 1 within 24 hours of booking on the website (or immediately to secure the room if you make the booking in person or over the phone), payment 2 on 24th April 2024.
  • If you do not have a Guarantor, we will ask for payment in full within 24 hours of booking on the website - or immediately to secure the room if you make the booking in person or over the phone.

Please ensure you have the means to pay before confirming your booking. Payment by bank transfer will not be accepted as a means of payment for 'late availability' rooms due to the delay in confirmed funds reaching our accounts.

Additional terms and conditions may apply with respect to booking offers, promotions, and competitions. These additional T&Cs will be published in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of our website for the duration of the offer, promotion, or competition period. We reserve the right to withdraw any offers, promotions, or competitions at any time.


To become and remain a tenant at CODE, you must be a registered student at further education (e.g. college) or higher education establishment (e.g. university) for the duration of your tenancy. Pre-induction, out-of-term periods, and periods following your graduation will be acceptable, as long as you are eligible to study for the relevant academic year. To enter into a contract you should be 18 years or older at the point you move in. If you are aged 16 or 17 you may be permitted to live at CODE if your parent is willing to accept a contract on your behalf,. We will then be able to issue you with a temporary license to occupy the premises.

A Guarantor is someone who will guarantee that your financial commitments, including rent, are always paid and they must be happy to sign and accept the terms as set out in the CODE online Guarantors Portal. Your Guarantor will be emailed a link containing the login and password, and subsequently a separate contract agreeing to this. They must be homeowner/s in England (including the Isle of Wight or the Isle of Man), Wales, or the Channel Islands, not someone who is in rented accommodation or who does not own their own property. 

We will carry out checks using the public Land Registry database to verify the owners of the property provided. If the details are not shown on the Land Registry database you will be required to provide further evidence. If a property has more than one owner, all owners of the property must agree to act as guarantors. All are required to provide the relevant identification and sign the guarantee document issued. 

We will also check if there are existing county court judgments against the property. The decision to accept or decline the Guarantor falls ultimately to our discretion 

If you supply a Guarantor who does not meet our homeowner criteria, you will be required to either supply a further valid Guarantor or revert to an alternative contract for your room that is not based on quarterly payments.

If you do not have anyone that can be a Guarantor there is an alternative solution for you. We simply structure your rent installments so that the first installment is equivalent to half of your total rent, and the final installment of your rent is the outstanding half.

If at any stage, you fail to complete the actions required for your booking and/or your Tenancy Agreement in the specified timescale(s), CODE Students has the right to cancel your booking and retain all payments made up until that point to cover administration costs. Wherever possible, we will email you and/or call you to inform you your booking is at risk, but it remains your sole responsibility to complete the actions on time.

Equality and Diversity 
CODE Student Accommodation is committed to ensuring that all customers/clients and other people with whom we deal are treated fairly and are not subjected to unfair or unlawful discrimination. This extends beyond the individual's own characteristics, to cover discrimination by association and by perception. We aim to ensure that we not only observe the relevant legislation but also do whatever is necessary to provide genuine equality.

Tenants agree they will treat others fairly regardless of sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, age, marital status or civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, or gender reassignment. 

Tenants will be respectful when dealing with staff, visitors, and fellow residents. Our aim is to provide an environment free from harassment, intimidation, or discrimination in any form that may affect the dignity of the individual.


Your refundable tenancy deposit will be registered with MyDeposits - a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme - within 30 days of us taking the payment http://www.mydeposits.co.uk/tenants

You will receive a copy of your Tenancy Deposit Certificate in your online Student Portal to confirm that the money has been registered with mydeposits.co.uk along with a tenant’s guide to mydeposits. This information is important and you will need it at the end of your stay. Please ensure that you keep it safe.

What is a tenancy deposit?

A tenancy deposit is a refundable payment that a landlord or agent can ask a tenant, or a relevant person (i.e. someone acting on a tenant’s behalf) to make. This provides a landlord with security if a tenant causes damage to a property, does not return it in its original condition, does not pay their rent, or breaks the terms of their tenancy agreement.

What is deposit protection?

Since 6 April 2007, all landlords and agents who take deposits in England and Wales under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreement must protect their deposit in an authorised deposit protection scheme.

Where is my deposit registered?

Mydeposits - http://www.mydeposits.co.uk/tenants

Mydeposits is one of three government-authorised deposit protection schemes.

CODE Students Ltd pays a deposit protection fee to protect your deposit. This fee enables them to hold your deposit for the duration of your stay, and then return the agreed amount to you when you move out. If you are unhappy with the amount of the deposit offered to you at the end of your stay by your landlord then you can raise a formal dispute to reclaim it. The law states the deposit remains your money, regardless of the fact that you have handed it to your landlord. Evidence stating why any of your deposit is retained will be provided.

Getting your deposit back.

The good news is that your deposit is protected with my deposits and is designed to be returned to the tenant at the end of their stay without a problem. This is due to the fact that you can talk directly with your landlord about its return and resolve your issues without needing to involve mydeposits.co.uk

In the unlikely event that you are unable to agree on the amount to be returned, you can use the deposit's Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service. It’s completely free and uses impartial and professional adjudicators. It’s also cheaper and quicker than using the court.


Your Cancellations Rights - Should you wish to cancel your contract for your CODE Flat you will need to put it in writing to either coventry@codestudents.co.uk or leicester@codestudents.co.uk within 7 days from the date of booking. Once 7 days have passed or you have accepted your online Tenancy Agreement, there is no further ‘cooling off period’ and your refundable holding deposit will be retained by Code Students. Your refundable holding deposit will also be retained if you have not provided the necessary correct information, which has resulted in CODE Students canceling your booking.

If you are a 'renewal' booking (booked the same room for the next academic year) we will retain your refundable holding deposit if you choose to cancel at a later date. If the payment has not been made at the point of cancellation, the fee will need to be paid as part of our Early Termination Process. 

If you have accepted your Tenancy Agreement, you have entered into a legally binding agreement and the rent payments detailed in your Tenancy Agreement will remain your legal responsibility. 

Should you wish to cancel, we will look to mitigate any potential loss to you, our customer, by advertising your chosen room to other potential customers. However, until a new tenant has been found, accepted their relevant contracts, and made the required payments for their contract you will remain responsible for the rent in full, in line with your binding contract. CODE reserves the right to decide when and how to market your room.

CODE students will aim to keep you informed of any potential new tenants and inform you in writing once there is a signed contract from a new tenant, therefore releasing you from any legal responsibility to pay any outstanding monies as outlined in your signed contract. This level of communication is not guaranteed, and CODE will take no responsibility if this does not occur.

In addition, once the tenant has accepted their Tenancy Agreement, we will charge an early termination fee of:
a)  one week’s rent (prior to 24 April 2024) 
b) £400 (from 24 April 2024 onwards) if the tenant should cancel or not provide the necessary correct information needed to proceed with the booking, resulting in CODE Students canceling the booking.

CODE Students reserves the right to retain some or all of the £400 tenancy deposit to cover cancellation charges.

Consumer’s cancellation rights

The cancellation period is limited to 7 days from the online booking on the basis that the consumer was given the required written information on or before the contract was concluded.

When providing Guarantor details do ensure that they are a homeowner/s in England (including the Isle of Wight or Isle of Man), Wales, or the Channel Islands because if they are not then this invalidates your right to a refund as it remains your responsibility to comply with the conditions of letting prior to booking.


Your Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST)  will be available to view online in your Student Portal and will contain your allocated room, your payment schedule, and other information relating to living at CODE.

Do contact the office if you need any matters clarified otherwise do accept your online AST within the Student Portal as this will secure that particular room for you.

CODE Students reserve the right to withdraw an agreement for an assured shorthold tenancy at any point before the occupancy period of that tenancy commences.


CODE Students conforms with the ANUK National Code of Standards for Student Accommodation which is designed to regulate and bring large student landlords into line to deliver a distinct set of standards to students. Accreditation schemes are voluntary schemes that good landlords join to demonstrate that they provide good quality accommodation.

The National Code of Standards is fully supported by the National Union of Students, who are key stakeholders and have representation on the management and complaints procedures of the CODE.

The Code will act as a student accommodation quality guide and, it is recommended that if you have a choice, always rent from a landlord who has joined the Code.

What are the advantages of living in a building covered by the National Code of Standards?

  • Best practice in day-to-day management is supported and recognised;
  • Your contract is clearly written, stating what you are paying for and how much your rent is, with reasonable terms and no hidden costs;
  • Your accommodation is fully prepared for you when you arrive to take up residence;
  • Your accommodation meets a set of nationally recognised standards in respect of service provision, furniture, and fittings;
  • All repairs and maintenance are carried out within agreed timescales
  • Your building will meet with required health and safety standards
  • If a deposit is charged, it will be lodged at an appropriate Deposit Scheme and it will be returned to you promptly at the end of the year or you will be given a clear explanation of why a deduction has been made;
  • You will be given information to explain what management routines are followed in the buildings;
  • A set and accountable procedure for dealing with any disputes or complaints will be in operation. (See Complaints policy, Section 7) For more info on ANUK. Please visit https://www.nationalcode.org/forms/making-a-complaint


CODE is committed to delivering professional service to all of our tenants and customers at all times and expects all of our staff to provide an excellent standard of service to ensure that we provide the best possible experience whilst living at CODE.

We do understand that sometimes there is a need to bring an issue to our attention. We are happy to receive all feedback, good or bad. We take all complaints received very seriously and investigate thoroughly to ensure that they are managed correctly, fairly, confidentially, and equally.

To enable us to achieve this, we ask that you follow this process correctly, when you feel there is a need to raise an issue with us. We ask that you provide as much information as possible to allow us to investigate thoroughly, as we believe this enables us to continuously monitor and improve the service that we provide to you, our tenants.

How to make a complaint

Stage one – Minor complaint (E.g. Maintenance, Billing, Noise, Nuisance neighbours, Site issue, Customer service)

In the first instance make a member of the sales team aware of your complaint either by telephone or email to leicester@codestudents.co.uk or coventry@codestudents.co.uk depending upon which site you are living. We will aim to resolve the complaint by an informal discussion, within 5 working days of receipt of the complaint.

If we are unable to resolve your complaint at “Stage One”, your complaint will be passed over to the Accommodation Manager for review, to which you will receive an update within 5 working days of receiving the complaint.

If after “Stage One” you feel that your complaint is of a more serious nature and you would like to raise a formal written complaint, please follow the steps outlined below in “Stage Two”.

Stage Two – Formal written complaint

This part of the process should be used if you feel that your complaint is of a more serious nature, or you are not happy with how your initial complaint was handled.

A written complaint can be emailed to resolutions@codestudents.co.uk or if you prefer in writing by letter to:

Operations Manager

CODE Student Accommodation (Head Office)

40-46 Western Road



We aim to provide you with an initial acknowledgment of the complaint within 48 hours of receipt. A full written response will follow within 5 working days of receipt of the complaint. Depending upon the complexity of your complaint and the investigation involved, this may be an email outlining a further timescale and the reason for this.

All written complaints are recorded and dealt with by a member of the management team.

Stage Three – Escalated complaint 

This is where resolution hasn’t been achieved at “Stage Two” and the complaint is escalated further. Again, this will be investigated and responded to within 5 working days from receipt of the escalated complaint.


By booking a room online with us you are entering into a legally binding agreement for the booking of a room at one of our CODE Locations. The services provided by us under this agreement include the processing of your booking and the holding of your room for you. 

If booking via phone or in person, you will be asked to read and accept the required documentation and complete an online form. By completing this form you are entering into a legally binding agreement for the booking of a room at one of our CODE Locations. The services provided by us under this agreement include the processing of your booking and the holding of your room for you. 

By submitting your booking or online form, you are also agreeing to the terms of an AST, which is separate to this booking agreement and outlines the terms of use for your room. An AST is a legally binding contract that gives the tenant the sole right to occupy the room for the specified period of the AST, after which the right to occupy the room is returned to CODE Students.

CODE has taken all reasonable care in the preparation of information displayed on this website to ensure that it is accurate but it is intended for guidance only and visitors to the website should always verify the information contained therein before placing any reliance on it.

The website content – including but not limited to room types, room images, room views, and room layouts – is indicative and for illustrative purposes only. Designs, materials, and layouts vary from room to room and are also liable to change without notice. Nothing in this website shall constitute a representation or offer of any kind. 

Special requests can be made as part of the booking process but requests are not guaranteed, and CODE will take no responsibility if the request does not occur.


Any personal information you provide to us including and similar to your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address will not be released, sold, or rented to any entities or individuals outside of Code Student Accommodation apart from:

  1. supplying the required information to specialists, and known suppliers who provide services that are part of your offer such as insurance and deposit protection
  2. supplying information to third parties such as Mailchimp or social media companies for marketing purposes.

Where we believe an individual is at risk from physical, emotional, or mental harm or is suspected of carrying out a criminal act we may supply information to relevant parties including but not limited to police, health care professionals, university welfare staff, or parents/guardians. This also applies to sharing information that would protect an individual’s physical, mental, or emotional well-being.

Data collection methods

We collect data via our Zendesk chat functionality when you register / book with CODE Student Accommodation online, complete a paper-based application form (which we enter into our computer system), or if you apply to CODE Student Accommodation through a third party.

If you take up accommodation with CODE Student Accommodation, we may also hold any data that you provide to us, or that we learn of, during your tenancy.

Types of data held

The data we hold typically consists of, but is not limited to, name, address, contact details, telephone numbers, date of birth, academic course is undertaken, next of kin, guarantor information, charges, payment details, and operational matters concerning your tenancy.

Use of data

We use the data that we hold primarily for the effective and efficient administration of, and payment for, the accommodation and any other services that we provide to you. We may also use your data to provide you with details of other CODE Student Accommodation products and services that we believe may be of interest to you.

We will only provide your data to third parties in the following circumstances:

  • (a) to providers/contractors, we have engaged to provide services that are an integral part of the accommodation package that you have purchased,
  • (b) when required by the due process of law
  • (c) when requested by a relevant organisation in connection with any payments that you make, or attempt to make, to CODE Student Accommodation.
  • (d) for marketing purposes

Storage and disclosure of data

We may store data electronically and/or on paper. In all cases, we take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of your data.

You may see our detailed Privacy Policy here: https://www.codestudents.co.uk/privacy

Once again thank you for choosing to book with CODE Students.

CODE Leicester - 0116 233 5678

CODE Coventry - 02476 105 106