Safety & Security | CODE Coventry

Safety and security

We know how important it is for you to feel safe while living at CODE, which is why we make your security one of our top priorities.

It can also help loved ones worry less, if they know your safety is being looked after.

24 hour, on-site security with site patrols

We look after you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

During office hours, our CODE office team are on hand for any security-related issues. And the rest of the time we have a dedicated security team, who you’ll often see patrolling the site in their CODE branded high visibility vests/coats.

You can feel secure day and night knowing that you have someone to turn for security issues at any time.

" I called security at 3am and Craig came straight up and even called me again and told me that if I had any issues to call him." - Keeley, tenant at CODE Coventry

"Today, like any usual day, Warren, who works in the security office, is always nice to me. Not only does he make me laugh, but he also shows professionalism in his work. Because of him, I love CODE!" - Seojun, tenant at CODE Coventry

Dedicated security desk

When they’re not out patrolling, our security team have a dedicate security desk, where you’ll find them outside of office hours. It means you have a place you can visit with any security issues or simply if you fancy a chat.

Dedicated security number and e-mail

No matter where our team are, you can contact them directly and easily with no delays. Emergency telephone numbers are placed in all rooms and are waiting for you when you check in.

Secure fob entry system

Every resident is issued with their own fob entry to access the site. You can feel safe knowing that only authorised people can access the complex – although you can still let your friends in when they come to visit. Because our site is fob accessed, you can come and go as you want to, 24 hours a day.


We have CCTV around the site for your safety and security. Having cameras on site helps to deter people from bad behaviour, as well as protecting our residents.

Mental health concerns

If you are worried about your own or someone else's mental health you can contact the security team for help and advice. They will also be able to give you contact details of organisations who can help.