Hire equipment

Making life easier

We go above and beyond for you here at CODE. We want to make sure you have everything you could possibly need to ensure you’re time with us is as easy and stress free as possible. We also know money can be tight as a student. 

That’s why we have essential equipment for you to hire – free of charge. You can hire our items between 9am and 4.30pm, Monday to Saturday.

We are being COVID safe, so we'll sanitise all equipment once it is returned.

Items available to hire

Dustpan & brush set
Mop Buckets
Multi phone charger
Adaptor multi plug (usb, eu convertor)
Mini steps
Desk fan
HDMI cable
Bike pump
Sewing kit
Ironing board
Bike locks

If you’re wondering what’s the catch… there isn’t one!  At CODE we want to make your time with us an enjoyable as possible. 

By providing you with a range of equipment, we help you save money and make sure the important things are always available. Plus, by buying less, we’re reducing waste and helping the environment.

How to hire

Just pop down to the office. We will ask you to sign out the item and leave your ID with us. Then all you need to do is look after the items (please report any issues when you return them to us).  

And don’t forget… as soon as you are done, return your item promptly, so others can enjoy (your hire time is limited to 1 hour maximum unless agreed otherwise with the Office team). That way, no one gets left with a dead battery!

Need anything printed?

Printing is available in the office for 10p per sheet for black and white and 20p per sheet for colour. Email your requests to coventry@codestudents.co.uk


Returning items

If you lose, intentionally damage or do not return the borrowed item(s) outside of the agreed timescale then you will be expected to pay the replacement cost, as shown below, within 7 days to the CODE Office. We will take into account general wear and tear.

Replacement Charges

Hoover: £115 / Dustpan and Brush: £5 / Mop and bucket : £20 / Iron and Ironing Board: £45 / Phone Chargers £10/ Adapters: £5 each /  Mini Ladders: £20 /  Floor fan: £30 / Desk fan: £15 / HDMI: £5 / Bike Pump: £10 / Sewing Kit: £15 / Tool Box: £35 / Bathroom cleaning kit: £10 / Kitchen cleaning kit £10