Guests and visitors

Our guests and visitors policy

One of the advantages of having a self-contained student flat is that you have your own private place to welcome guests or visitors.

We're happy for your friends to visit you in your student accommodation but you will need to grant them access. 

You can pop down to any of the fob-controlled entrances to let them in or use your room intercom to allow them into the complex. 

Friends are asked to go straight to your room if you're not with them, but they can happily explore the site, including making use of the communal games room, study spaces and cafe if you're with them. 

We also allow you to invite a guest to many of our free social events, including the Welcome Party at the start of term, as long as you accompany them.

Overnight guests

We allow guests to stay overnight with you and there is no need to let us know. All we ask is this is for a maximum of two weeks at a time.

If you are planning on having a friend round to your studio flat, please consider your neighbours and keep noise to a minimum. You might not have any work to do, but they might be planning a night of revision. 

The rules bit

We ask you to be responsible for the conduct of guests/ visitors, this includes making sure they do not cause a nuisance to other tenants or cause any damage. If damage is caused in your flat or in any communal area by your guests, you will be liable and will be asked to pay for any costs as outlined in your contract with CODE.

We ask all visitors to make sure they close entrance doors after them and are courteous to other residents. 

Certain things such as drugs and offensive weapons are not allowed on site. A full list of the rules you and your visitors should follow are outlined in your contract/tenancy agreement.

If your guest does not follow the rules outlined by CODE, they may be asked to leave by our on-site staff or security team. In some cases, we may stop your guest from entering the site altogether.

If Covid-19 restrictions are in place, you must comply with all Government or local authority restrictions imposed.