Dining area and vending machines

CODE Dining Area

 New for March 2022 

We’ve decided to create a CODE Dining Area based on the feedback from our students. The Dining Area means students will be able to gather with friends to study or eat. The new space (which replaces the CODE Café) will be open longer – 6am to midnight.

It’s also where we’ll be hosting our Free Food Days… visit the Social Events page for full details of what's on each month.

The CODE Dining Area is also home to all of the exciting events you know and love at CODE.

Your new space

When we're not holding events, the CODE Dining Area is a new space you can use.

With lots of seating available, you can relax, use the Wi-Fi to study or bring your own food/takeaways and enjoy it with friends

Vending machines

Located in the study rooms, our vending machines are a way to grab a snack, drink or essential item at any time of the day.

As well as chocolate and soft drinks, the machines feature savoury and Oriental snacks.