Cafe and vending machines

CODE CAFE: 12pm to 7pm, Mon-Sat

Here at CODE you will never go hungry because we have our own Café, available exclusively to our residents and their guests.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack, or even a hangover cure - we’ve got you covered.  You can even phone the CODE Café on 07704 064985 and order in advance, so there is no queues or waiting around 😊

The cafe will close at 6pm on Friday 28th May and will not re-open until September. 

We have eating booths available, so you can relax, use the Wi-Fi to study or grab a coffee on your way to lectures in the morning.

There are vegetarian and vegan options and the team can also cater for other requests such as certified Halal products, and can help with ingredients if anyone has an allergy. Simply ask Mark and his team for details!

Download the menu


NEW MENU ITEMS FOR 2021 - ALL £4.25          

  • Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas
  • Chicken Tikka Masala or Sweet Potato & Chick Pea Curry (Vegan) with rice 
    (Add Naan Bread for 75p)
  • Beef Chilli/Bean Chilli (Vegan) with Rice
  • Sausage/Quorn Sausage & Mash with Gravy & Beans or Mushy Peas

Also available are a range of toiletries including:

  • Toilet Roll - £1.50
  • Hand Sanitiser - £1.00
  • Washing up Liquid - £1.20
  • Shower Gel - £1.00
  • Hand Wash - £1.00
  • Deodorant - £1.00
  • Toothpaste - £1.00

Other essentials are available such as:

  • 1.5ltr Water -  £1.20
  • Baked Beans - £0.65
  • Sweetcorn - £0.75
  • Tinned Tomato - £0.50
  • Spicy Noodle Soup - £1.00
  • Pot Noodle - £0.75
  • Oat So Simple - £0.75
  • Sugar - £0.75


Vending machines

Available 24 hours a day

Located in Block C (outside the gym) and Block D foyer (by the study rooms), our vending machines are a way to grab a snack, drink or essential item at any time of the day.

As well as chocolate, soft drinks, savoury and Oriental snacks, the machines also stock essential items like deodorant and sanitary products.