My International Experience

Student Iain discusses what quarantining at CODE is like

England is currently welcoming International students.... but you may have to follow quarantine rules when you arrive.

We know this can seem a scary experience, but here at CODE we do as much as we can to try and help you settle in. 

We'll help get parcels to you and will give you information on options on ordering food. You can use the local supermarket websites or even Uber eats or Deliveroo and get your food delivered directly to CODE. 

Our staff will also be here to help you in anyway we can: we can also explain the quarantine rules and pick up tests and medication for you.

One of our current International residents, Iain, talks about how he passed his 10 days in quarantine. 

"It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic came as a shock to everyone. As an international student from Germany, it was especially concerning with the amount of uncertainty surrounding the whole situation. 

"After a few months away with my family in Germany, it was time to return to the UK. Different countries will have different rules and regulations about self-isolation, however in the UK at the time, all arriving travellers from foreign countries were required to self-isolate for two weeks. 

"Having my flat at CODE made the self-isolation process a breeze. After arriving at Birmingham airport, It was just a short train ride to the city before I began my self-isolation. 

"Having a great group of friends, some of which I met through CODE, made the daily tasks like grocery shopping easy. 

"If you will be arriving for the first time in the UK and have not established a strong friend group in the area just yet, then it is just as easy to use online food delivery services such as Deliveroo or Uber Eats to have meals, along with essential groceries delivered to the front office to then be brought to your room by a member of staff. 

"Overall, self-isolation turned out better than I initially thought, the super-fast internet speeds made streaming movies and shows easy and kept me entertained thorough most of the days. 

"With the large windows in the room, I was able to keep the area bright and spacious as opposed to dark and gloomy. I never felt cooped up or like I needed to break the rules and go outside. Having everything in my room to myself, such as kitchen and bathroom kept my mind at ease knowing I was not going to catch the virus from sharing a space.

"If you are unsure whether you want to and travel during these uncertain times, I would strongly recommend you book with CODE. The staff have made the building an extremely clean and safe environment, which is a very important factor for me. Since my isolation I have been able to see the country re-open and life return to normal (for the most part). I could not have been happier with my decision to book my second year here at CODE."

Do you need to move in early? 

We have a limited number of studios where you can move in early. 
Plus, if you book one of these rooms you will get the extra weeks rent free! You can even move in today (pending payments and signing your contract).

If you do move in early,  you would only need to pay for the electricity you use until the official move in date (8th September @ Leicester | 11th September @Coventry).

These 'early move in' rooms are only available to new bookings - for more information, use our online chat or contact us.


We look forward to welcoming you to CODE in the future.